Various fixes/changes to Vintage Spyder

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Various fixes/changes to Vintage Spyder

Postby RicardoSwe » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:17 am

Just to put this on the forum for others' reference.

I had several things changed on my Vintage Spyder early this summer, done by Greg @ Vintage Spyders in Stanton. I've posted about the various isssues over the last couple years. These are the fixes/changes.

Installed a new PBS cable shifter, replacing the rod shifter. It's *fantastic*. I can finally just shift without questioning what gear I just hit. No more fear of overrevving from missed shift.

New gearing -- 2nd & 3rd close together -- good for my driving twisty roads (not for freeway cruising). And I've identified finally a nearby autocross that I can get the Spyder into without questions about roll bar spec. Found one ~10 miles from my house (GoodGuys auto show) & another ~1 hour drive away (@ BMW CCA events - good club)

New German flywheel -- this **finally** fixed my starter grinding problem. Old flywheel gear teeth were too "short" (shallow?), i.e. starter often couldn't properly "reach" the flywheel. Thanks to Greg for chasing this until he identified the cause & fixed it.

Front end paint touch up; I wish I could put on clear bra for chip prevention, but I doubt I will -- can't stand clear bra "lines".

Changed parking break handle. I wish I'd kept Greg's standard handle. It was easier for me to operate -- easier to reach release button and less force needed to push the button. (I'm weaker than I used to be I guess.)
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Re: Various fixes/changes to Vintage Spyder

Postby RVosari » Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:27 pm


As you likely know, most autocross layouts are 2’nd gear courses, with a little 3’d thrown in…and lots of sawing at the wheel…so the least amount of shifting is best

A couple of weekends ago I saw a ’71/72 K-ghia and a super bug working the cones. I assume both had 4.12 rears.

The Ghia had whatever suspension it came with Z-bar, roll bars etc. and 185 tires. The gearing was not ideal and the car hopped about…(not enough power to spin the rears). :(

The Super bug had a big motor and very large and tall rears (maybe 245 or larger) The gear set worked well and the car slid around pretty gracefully.

As I recall some 6-8 seconds faster than the Ghia

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